Monday, November 18, 2013

Jane Eyre Map and Marianne's Walk

This  watercolor depicts all the places mentioned in Charlotte Bronte's novel Jane Eyre, one of my favorite works of English literature. I wanted it to look as a visual journey of Jane. You can start in the upper left corner in Gateshead Hall, then on to Lowood School, in the middle of the painting is Thornfield Hall where she meets Mr.Rochester and a little church where they almost get married, then a road takes us to the upper right corner to Moor House where she finds her cousins, St.John, Diana and Mary and next we go to the lower right, to Ferndean Manor where Jane and Mr.Rochester are reunited. All along I wrote some quotes that belong to those places in the novel.

This  watercolor depicts Marianne Dashwood, on her fateful walk through the pleasure grounds and shrubberies of Cleveland, as she indulged in sad dreams of Willoughby, who is now lost to her forever. 

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