Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I just joined a Jane Austen team of sellers on Etsy and they ask that you curate a J.A. treasury once a month.  The rules of treasury making is that you can not advertise your own items and the reason people do it, is that if your treasury is good enough, it may end up on the front page of Etsy.
So here is my "A ball?! I long for a ball!!" treasury of lovely regency themed dress-ups.

Friday, December 9, 2011

This one is of Catherine Morland, reading Mysteries of Udolpho on a cloudy morning at Bath.  Framed 5x7.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I haven't posted for quite a while, it has been really busy.
I made this piece to order and really enjoyed it, I have been drawing dresses since I was a little girl and working on this project felt like playing, I got to sit there and draw dresses and got paid for it.  I also like seeing the yearly progression of  fashions,  how gowns went from simple to ornate and from high empire waist to a lower one of late regency period.
Another Anne Elliot box, this one  is my last, I wish I had more of them these cream colored boxes are so pretty.

Hand made bookmark of Anne Elliot.

People have often commented how nice it would be to have  the painting of the famous proposal scene from P&P and here it is at last, I wanted to have a light breezy Elizabeth-like color scheme in this painting and like how it turned out.
Margaret Hale and John Thornton of North and South.

Jane's girls-the sketch.

Jane's girls, the finished painting. Here is who they are from right to left:
Catherine Morland of Northanger Abbey, in a pretty muslin day dress trimmed with blue and a novel tucked under her arm.
Fanny Price of Mansfield Park, dressed in pink and ready to run an errand for her nasty aunt Morris. Notice that she is wearing her brother's amber cross on Edmund's chain.
Elizabeth Bennet of Pride and Prejudice, wearing a lovely yellow day dress and ready to go for a walk and get her petticoats dirty (six inches deep in mud!).
Emma Woodhouse, dressed in a cream colored dress and red spencer, ready for strawberry picking at Donwell Abbey.
Next, sad Marianne Dashwood and composed, concerned Elinor of Sense and Sensibility are prepared to leave London, dressed in comfy travelling gowns and cozy cashmere shawls.
And last, my favorite heroine, Anne Elliot of Persuasion is dressed for the concert at the Octagon room, in a lovely gown of blue silk and cream crepe, with a pretty gold sash and pearls in her hair.
I guess the men should be next, but they might not happen until the holidays are over and I have a bit more time on my hands.