Saturday, November 30, 2013

Woodston Christmas (Northanger Abbey)

This miniature original watercolor depicts Henry and Catherine decorating a mantel with a Christmas garland, I can just see them enjoying doing things together.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas at Hartfield finished

This Original mixed media painting depicts Emma and Mr.Knightley skating on the pond together at Christmas time. You can see Hartfield behind them, with softly lit windows and the snow falling gently. 
I painted the watercolor on 140 lbs. hot press paper, cut it our carefully and decoupaged it onto a music sheet covered canvas panel, that has been antiqued and sprinkled with a few sequins for a lovely Christmas sparkle. The music is traditional Christmas carols that would have been sung even in the 1800's.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Jane Eyre Map and Marianne's Walk

This  watercolor depicts all the places mentioned in Charlotte Bronte's novel Jane Eyre, one of my favorite works of English literature. I wanted it to look as a visual journey of Jane. You can start in the upper left corner in Gateshead Hall, then on to Lowood School, in the middle of the painting is Thornfield Hall where she meets Mr.Rochester and a little church where they almost get married, then a road takes us to the upper right corner to Moor House where she finds her cousins, St.John, Diana and Mary and next we go to the lower right, to Ferndean Manor where Jane and Mr.Rochester are reunited. All along I wrote some quotes that belong to those places in the novel.

This  watercolor depicts Marianne Dashwood, on her fateful walk through the pleasure grounds and shrubberies of Cleveland, as she indulged in sad dreams of Willoughby, who is now lost to her forever. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Holiday Sale and Why Art is the Best Gift you can give.

Starting today and until December 31st I will be starting my Holiday Sale.
You can get 25% off your entire order of $15 or more.  Just enter coupon code GET25OFF during checkout. 
Wondering why you should give art print or an original piece of art instead of perfume, socks or chocolates?  The reason is simple: art lasts, it shows that you know the person intimately enough to know what it is they love, be it Jane Austen piece of art or a portrait, a landscape or a custom map.  It is always there, on their wall, their kitchen counter, their dresser, constantly reminding them of your  friendship, a time you spent together or place you have visited, or your tender relationship.  
Another reason:  Art is versatile.  You need to give a gift to a person who has everything?  They love dogs?  Give them a piece of dog art.  They love to cook?  An Alfonse Mucha inspired art print or a painting of a cake/lobster/cooking utensils/large print of a recipe to hang in their kitchen.  Gardiner?  Botanical prints, garden watercolor or oil painting.  A person who has a summer home by the sea?  A nautical print.  Your friend just had a baby?  A lovely pastel colored print for the nursery or a custom piece of art with the baby's name on it.
How about personalized art - a custom watercolor of their child, their home, their favorite book character, their pet.  A Star Wars, Dr.Who, Jane Austen fan?  The geeky possibilities are endless :)

What other gift can compare to that?  

As an artist myself, the nicest reviews I get are from people who give art as a gift to people they love, be it because they love Pride and Prejudice or because I painted a historical home where they work as a volunteer.

Here are some of my favorite artists that you can find on Etsy:
Mai Atumn
Fall - 10x10 Giclee Print - Limited Edition

275 - "Angry Pacific Ocean", 8"x 10" original gallery giclee print

Custom Regency Style Portrait

Mundo Meo

Eleven - ltd edition giclee / screenprint on Arches 330gsm watercolour paper
Dress Watercolor Painting - Original - Turquoise Gray White - 9 x 12

The Storyteller - Art Print

Black Dog Mistletoe Company original graphic illustration 18 x 18 on canvas winter holiday art by stephen fowler
I would be happy to display any of these lovely works of art in my home, and these artist are just a fraction of what you can find on Etsy, the internet in general or your local art shops.

So Give Art!  Art is one of  best gifts.