Saturday, November 19, 2011

A remake and a snowy day inspiration

When I first saw the movie Emma couple years ago I was so inspired by the scene in the movie where she sits opening a letter with the sunlight streaming on her through the window, I really wanted to paint something as pretty.  I painted the picture above and a good friend of mine now has it in her collection, but as one of my clients was looking through my feedback, she liked the picture so well, she wanted me to repaint it for her.  I really loved redoing this watercolor and I even got to fix the angle of the table, which my dad, who is a much better artist than me, pointed out I got wrong in the first one.

 The watercolor on the box was inspired by the beautiful snowy day we had outside yesterday.  As I drove around doing my errands I was constantly finding inspiration in the beautiful scenery around me, slowly falling snow against the background of the gray sky is so beautiful.  So when I got home I spent the rest of the day doing this watercolor which I later attached to this lovely mahogany stained box.  I was actually thinking Emma and Mr.Knightley, but Pemberley Pond sounds better, so Skating on Pemberley Pond it is.

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