Saturday, November 12, 2011

Persuasion Collage

Since Persuasion is my favorite Jane Austen's novel, I just had to make a collage of it. 

I really wanted to make it look like old paper, a sort of map and letter mixed up together.

I really enjoyed painting the miniatures, my favotite is the Frigate miniature next to Captain Wentworth.  I actually found images on the internet of Milsom street (1800's  illustration), assembly hall in bath (a photo of the one still standing in modern day Bath), and  an old oil painting of a frigate to use as inspirations for the miniatures.

I wanted to add little things to the collage to symbolize some things in the book, the pebble and ammonite looking shells for Lyme, a package for shopping in Bath, a bronze key reminding us that Anne could have become Lady Elliot and a mistress of Kellynch, had she chosen to marry Mr.Elliot; a tiny landscape miniature symbolizing the walk to Winthrop; lace - remeniscent of a beautiful evening gown Anne would have worn to the concert and also in shape of waves to add a slight nautical feel and of course a tiny letter with a real wax seal-the letter Captain Wentworth gave to Anne.

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