Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Here are a few things I have been working on lately.  
Persuasion.  Capitain Wentworth and Anne walking down the street in Bath.  Inspired by the beautiful closing scene of the 199something Persuasion.
This was a custom work of Captain Wentworth writing THE LETTER and another small custom work of a lady in a Christmas dress.  

 This one is about to go up in my shop.  Opening line of Emma.


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  2. Hello! I first ran across your beautiful work during Kellie's "Literary Heroines Week" back in February--and reading your Etsy page I enjoyed hearing about your connection with the Bolshoi Theater. I love ballet (I used to do it--and still do around the house :-)) and I love, love, love the Bolshoi's production of Sleeping Beauty! I was able to get it on DVD and it's just gorgeous--plus the amazing and perfect technique and form. I need to see that again...

    Anyhow--I got a little sidetracked there! :-) I also had a question for you (relative to your lovely Austen work). I'd rather send the question via email, though... If you'd like to keep your email address private, do you think you could send me a quick email at ladyofanorien(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll reply with my question?? And thank you for thinking about it--I would really so appreciate it! :-)