Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leading Men of Jane Austen

I have been planning to make a perfect match for the painting of Jane Austen heroines for a long time now, and here it is.  It is almost finished and should go on sale sometime next week.  It will also be available as  a print.
Left to right we have Captain Wentworth, Edward Ferrars, Colonel Brandon, Mr.Knightley, Mr.Darcy, Edmund Bertram and Henry Tilney.


  1. They are all quite dashing. I will look for it your store!

  2. Hi Masha! You are such a talented artist. I won a lovely print of all of the Jane Austen heroine ladies over on Kellie Falconer's blog, so I wanted to come by and let you know how much I love them. Lizzie is my favorite, of course, and I wish I could be as good and patient as Elinor or Anne. Sigh. It will be a joy to have them all on my wall. I am a writer myself, working on my third novel - how lovely to have such Muses to guide me! :) love, Meg

  3. Catherine,
    Thank you for your kind words. I love love love my purse, you super talented lady, just got another compliment about it the other day.

    I too would love to be like Elinor and Anne-true ideals of femininity. That is so amazing you write,I know how hard writers work on their books. I would love to see your work. Thank you thank you for a kind comment. All the best to you.