Thursday, October 27, 2011

Can there be too much of Northanger Abbey?

 Even though it has been a while since I read Northanger Abbey, a few months at least, I have been inspired by it a lot lately.  I have wanted to paint a completely black and white painting for a long time, because it is fun to show the transparency of fabric on black background, so Miss Morland's gown was born.  I do not know why in my mind Catherine always wears spotted muslin, but it seems that almost every paitning I have done of her, with an exception or two, has her in some sort of a spotted gown.  Just like Elizabeth Bennet in my mind always wears green or brown and gold, and Marianne Dashwood yellow with blue sprigs.  This particular gown has tiny gold dots I applied with an ink pen and a gold necklace to go with it as well.

The pink painting is just a confection in my mind, some sort of dress pastry.  I must have been craving an eclair while working.

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